Who we are

Found is an independent creative retail project management agency, specialised in managing and co-ordinating a global supplier network in the retail domain. We’re the main point of contact when it comes to the development, production and installation of marketing and retail communication projects for sports, fashion, leisure, and food and beverage brands.

We understand your business, customers and processes. With our knowledge of consumer behaviour, innovative techniques and retail trends we create relevant custom-made solutions and apply them consistently and effectively across all channels, from concept to realisation.

As an independent agency, we offer a completely transparent tender process. For each project, we ensure the perfect balance between quality and costs, finding the best and most suitable deal. We combine a global approach with centralised production processes to achieve economy of scales and optimal cost efficiency.

Our work is solution-driven and result-oriented. We manage your operation centrally, with a single point of contact, either on-site or remotely, locally or globally. With a compact and agile team of dedicated and experienced multi-disciplinary specialists, we co-ordinate production, communication and on-site installation, and bring together the creatives, producers and professionals required.

We find a solution for every challenge that comes our way.

And get the job done.


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