Our domain is retail. Whether we perform for pop-up shops, factory stores, flagship stores or wholesalers, through our knowledge of retail processes, consumer behaviour and technical specifications, we are capable of delivering outstanding results for our clients. With years of extensive global and multi-level retail-channel experience, we have a complete understanding of tiered-store solutions and customer-journey strategy.


Differentiated retail support offer (scheme 1)

Good: The wholesale channel
Value stores are often value-driven and family-purchase focused. This channel mostly requires basic 2D executions, localised in several languages.

Better: The premium wholesale channel
Core stores that have varied service levels. This channel also requires 3D executions, both in the window and in-store. Often requires standard-size window executions, and therefore higher volumes.

Best: Own stores
Brand stores, managed by the brand. This channel requires a superior presentation and full service management.

Pinnacle: Flagship stores
Elite stores, managed by the brand. This channel requires premium executions, all custom-size productions and high-end materials.

Consumer strategy (scheme 2)

The customer retail journey is defined by three key moments for our clients to engage with their audience effectively: captivate, catch and connect.
It is our job to offer the right solution for each of these stages and ensure maximum results.

Formats that pull consumers into retail spaces, e.g. the window and entrance area.

Formats that drive consumers from the captivate areas to the connect areas, e.g. walkways and cores.

Fixture formats that house all the products. Including communication and activation to inspire sales and repeat, e.g. wall fixtures, countertops and